“My Skin Keeps Breaking Out in the SAME Spot! What does this mean?”

If you get breakouts and always in the same area, it can be for a few reasons.

1. It could be hormonal. Usually, hormonal breakouts happen around “that time” for us ladies and in the chin/jaw area.

2. Do you touch your face a lot in this area? Your breakouts could be contact with your hands or something like a cell phone. Be sure to avoid touching your face as much as possible, keep pillowcases and wash cloths clean and replace often, and disinfect your cell every few days.

3. What side of your body do you sleep on? Many times, people get breakouts on the same side they sleep on. Try switching sides on occasion and see if that helps.

4. What hair products are you using? Sometimes forehead breakouts or those around the neck or hairline are due to hair products running down onto our skin. Try using hair products before your bath/shower if you can, or be sure to rinse/wash your face after using them.

5. Makeup — Be sure to clean your brushes with a brush cleaner daily and do a full brush washing weekly. And always wash your makeup off well each night before bed.

I hope those tips help! And remember, don’t pick at or try to “pop” pimples. It will damage your pores and can cause scarring or worsen the breakout. Let it run its course for a few days or see a professional Esthetician for proper extraction.


Is There a Such Thing as a Miracle Product?

I often get questions from others asking me which product they can use for a specific issue. It can be anything from, “What can I use to keep my skin moisturized?” to, “What can I use to get rid of this acne?”. The fact of the matter is, there is no ONE product that will do it all for you. AND, what may have worked for one person, may not work for another. You have to use what is best for you. Also, it is a matter of being consistent from everything you use, from your cleanser, to your sunscreen, to your exfoliant.

Here are some tips:

– Take the advice of a skincare PROFESSIONAL (hopefully, that is me) – over that of friends, etc. They may mean well, but we are trained in skincare and can offer the best solutions for YOU.

– Be consistent and be patient. Cleanse daily, twice per day. Moisturize after cleansing, and exfoliate 2-3xs per week based on your skin’s needs. Use sunscreen no matter the time of year, no matter the temperature, every single day (a.m.).

– Use products correctly (as explained by me and the product label) for best results.

I hope that helps. If there are any questions, feel free to send them in the comment box or email me (wrappedfabulous@gmail.com).