Face Mapping – Find out what your breakouts means

Have you ever gotten breakouts in specific areas consistently and wanted to know why? This post is for you.

Face mapping is an ancient art of helping one identify the cause of blemishes by splitting the face into several sections and understanding the different ‘zones’. Each area reflects a different part of your internal health. This is why I always stress to people that diet and water intake play a major role in the look of your skin – it isn’t just what you use on the outside.


Above image is from Dermalogica’s site

Zone 1 & 3: Can be alleviated by eating less junk food, yes it’s tempting, but if you want your acne to go away, stop it at once.  Drink more filtered water and eat more Yin (cooling) type foods as opposed to Yang (warming) type foods such as: cucumbers, radishes, strawberries, tofu and turmeric.

Zone 2: Can best be treated as indicated; cutting out alcohol, greasy food and dairy.  But also taking advantage of performing a liver flush, it can really eliminate toxic build-up.  One great product with fantastic results is the LIVER FLUSH – QT

Zone 4 & 10: Are areas connected to the kidneys so increase your intake of pure, clean, filtered or spring water & cut down on coffee or eliminate it all together.  All that caffeine is terrible for the kidneys.  Also perform a kidney cleanse.  One to try is the Ultra Kidney Complex excellent for flushing toxins and encourages proper waste filtration. 

Zone 5 & 9:  Are for your cheeks which are connected to the respiratory system.  If you smoke, cut it out, if you have allergies, this is a major area of concern and where you will see breakouts generally.   What if you don’t do either but are still experiencing acne on your cheeks?  Then your body is overheating, you are eating too many warming foods (yang), eat cooling foods instead such as: green leafy vegetables, wheatgrass juice, barley juice, blue green algae juice can really help.  Also, dirty cell phones and not changing your pillow case often is another reason.

* Amazing Grass Organic makes a stupendously delicious wheatgrass juice that cleanses the blood and clears the skin of congestion.  Barley juice should be selected only in its finest and most purest form, from nutrient rich organic soil minus the chemicals,  Just Barley Organic Barley Juice always comes to my aid, very helpful for detoxification purposes. Lastly, Blue Green Algae Powder tastes great and is a healthy enzyme enriched formula for detoxing as well.

 Zone 6 & 8: Are for the eyes, also connected to the kidneys.  If you’re dehydrated, you’ll see signs of this in dark circles; drink more pure filtered water and less soda, sugary juices, coffee and sweet tea.  Eye health is extremely important; Nature’s Bounty Extra Strength Bilberry Extract supports healthy function as it contains anthocyanosides (a known antioxidant).  Bilberry extract has been shown to help improve daytime and nighttime vision and bring relief from eye floaters.

Zone 7:  Is for your nose; breakouts here can indicate a poor diet, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal issues, poor blood circulation and indigestion.  Decrease your intake of spicy and pungent foods, eat less meat, have less salt, exercise regularly and get more fresh air.  Also make sure you get enough B vitamins (not all B vitamins are created equal).  A popular brand in the organic community and one I also take is the Organic Super B Complex; grown as a whole food-not made in a lab.

Zone 11 & 13: Jaw line breakouts can be contributed to extensive dental work and eating right before bed. It’s important to go to bed early and wake up early, get between 7-8 hours of sleep if possible.  Reduce your stress levels by doing yoga, meditating, anything stress-free.  Also toothpaste & mouthwash can be the culprit here too.  Lastly, get hormone levels checked, as your hormones may be imbalanced.

Zone 12: Is the chin area which means hormones, hormones, hormones! They’re imbalanced and there are plenty of healthy things you can do to regulate them; eating right of course, exercising, staying hydrated, keeping stress levels down and taking supplements to help bring your hormones back into a balanced state.  Gaia Herbs Women’s Balance promotes a healthy emotional attitude, regulates those crazy hormone surges and supports healthy transitions.

Zone 14:  Is constantly overlooked and shouldn’t be.  Any breakouts around the neck area could indicate that your adrenal glands are overworked and that you are stressed.  De-stress as much as possible (stress is at the heart of many conditions) so and take a respite.  I have seen significant improvement in adrenal health function using herbs to heal: Gaia Herbs Adrenal Health will enable your body to adapt to stress in a healthier way.

**Note:  I have also found that it’s important to take a healthy organic wholefood source multivitamin without synthetics or imitation ingredients–it really does supply your body with everything you need to function properly and promotes glowing, healthy, beautiful skin, and isn’t that what we all want?  One favorite is Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Women which is a COMPLETE herbal formula for energy, hormones, brain, digestion, immunity and heart.

Men can benefit from this as well since this company makes a multivitamin targeted to support men of all ages with wide-ranging needs.  Check out the amazing benefits a well balance wholefood multivitamin can provide men with: Organic Multi Vita Min Herb for Men. 

Disclaimer:  As always, when looking into face mapping, it’s best to keep an open-mind, since this guide will help steer you in the right direction of what could be wrong.  Just because you tend to breakout on your forehead doesn’t automatically mean something is wrong with your liver.  Take action into changing your diet and doing a detox first, if things don’t change, seek medical advice.

*Note: The above text was derived from the following website: Raw & Lovely Blog



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