Importance of Keeping Makeup Brushes Clean


Many women tell me they don’t wear makeup because it makes them break out. While some makeup CAN cause breakouts if they are not a non-comedogenic or hypoallergenic formulation, the main reason people break out is due to one of the following: Not properly cleansing their face after wearing makeup for the day, or not cleaning their brushes on a regular basis. This post will cover the latter.

Why do you need to wash your brushes regularly? Not only does it keep your brushes in good condition so that they last longer, keeping them clean also prevents bacteria from breeding. Bacteria on your brushes can cause all kinds of issues from a acne breakouts to eye or other skin infections.

Wash your brushes with a brush shampoo (search Sephora or Target, many brands carry brush cleansers), or you can use a gentle facial cleanser. You should do this weekly or at least every 2 weeks. IN BETWEEN washing them, you also need to clean them daily using a brush spray. Brush sprays disinfect and clean the brushes in between washes – this is also very important. I currently use a Sephora brand daily brush cleaner spray, but many other brands carry this, as well.

You’ll notice less breakouts, better makeup application, and fluffier brushes! Keep them clean, ladies. 🙂


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